Burma Culinary Tour

Prices have never been better for our Burma Culinary Tour.

Sept 25 – Oct 8, 2016 Up Country & Rangoon
Mandalay, Inle Lake, Bagan, Yangon & environs
Tours begin in Mandalay, end in Yangon.
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“The four essential elements to a great dinner are good food and drink; second, terrific company; third, beautiful décor; and finally, surprises. That is what you gave us and sustained it for the entire tour. It just kept getting better and better.”
— Merle Gordon, Chicago


About your hosts: 
Robert is author of five cookbooks, most recently The Burma Cookbook. Thai Cooking and Vietnamese Cooking from Periplus. His books are sold the world over, in both English and foreign-language translations. (Robert’s book Fondue is translated into seven editions.) A popular television food stylist, Robert is a native of America’s Pacific Northwest, and divides his time between Sydney, Southeast Asia, and the U.S.
Morrison is a textile designer, specializing in hand-crafted French-style trimmings, braids and tassels. His company, Passementeries, exports world-wide, and he also represents prestige interior designers. Morrison is an authority on hand-loom weaving techniques. He is based in Battambang, Cambodia.




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